Norway is spoiled with impressive landscapes from the high north, above the polar circle, to the south coast. The transformation from the alien arctic to the temperate south provide a range of locations like no where else in Europe.

With steep mountain walls floating in the clear blue water surface, and agricultural architecture placed in magnificent “never seen before”-surroundings, it’s not hard to understand that Norway provides great locations. In selected regions you can reach fjords, mountains, forests, sandy beaches and glaciers in the same day.

Going a bit more urban, you’ll find the “barcode” in the capital, the Art Nouveau style in the west coast city Ålesund, or the wooden architecture, Bryggen, in Bergen.

Being situated on top of the Northern hemisphere, we have some great advantages; the ever-changing weather delivers fantastic light, fresh air and, not least, an incredible 24 hours of sunlight during the summer. That’s not all. The world’s most northerly town, Svalbard with its polar bears, is a part of Norway. And you can easily film there.

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13. Apr 2021
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