The Norwegian Institute for Public Health publishes key data and statistics
about the spread of the virus. You can find their information and daily status updates here.


The requirements for quarantine do not apply to travellers who are resident in a EU+ country with fewer than 20 cases per 100,000 inhabitants during the last two weeks, and fewer than 5 per cent positive tests on average per week over the last two weeks. 

The Norwegian Institute for Public Health has an overview of currently exempt countries (and exempt regions in the Nordic countries). The list is updated fortnightly.

Please also note that productions granted support from Norway’s 25% cash rebate can get travel restrictions lifted for cast and crew – including non-EEA/EU citizens, pursuant to Section 3R of the regulations relating to entry restrictions for foreign nationals.


Work travels

Separate rules apply for work travel within the Nordic and EEA/EU countries.

Entering into force from October 31st, work travellers from red countries – where the 14-day notification rate is higher than 150 cases per 100 000 – must go into 10-day quarantine. The EU has an overview of current red countries.

Work travellers from other EU/EEA countries are allowed to work after the first negative test, but must remain in quarantine in leisure hours. It is required to test all work travellers every 72 hours through the first 10 days.

Travel information

Please consult The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration for a Q&A and overview of current guidelines, as well as the Norwegian Institute for Public Health for travel information and list of countries that are exempt from quarantine.

Airport test centers are available in Bergen and Ålesund, as well as in Oslo.


Shooting guidelines

VIRKE – the Norwegian Producers’ Association – has published an English translation of Norway’s shooting guidelines, developed in partnership with the Film Workers Union.

You can access the current version of the guidelines here.


Other guidelines

The Norwegian Hospitality Association (NHO Reiseliv), the largest employers and trade organisation for the hospitality sector in Norway, publishes industry norms for handling infection prevention measures at catering companies, hotels and accommodation providers.

You can download their guidelines here.