Nordic Location™ work with Marius Beck Dahle. In addition to providing all production
services, Nordic Location™ is happy to provide DOP/photographer to your upcoming project.

Marius Beck Dahle.

Both Nordic Location and Marius Beck Dahle have worked separately with international clients for years. Now we combine our services. We believe it will benefit our clients. Together, we can organize and present locations that are truly unique and perfect for the products.  

Marius Beck Dahle works mainly with clients who are looking for that raw “untouched” nature location which Norway can offer. The semi-arctic feeling of glaciers, fjords and wilderness is the perfect framework for Marius where he collects inspiration from the different unique aesthetics in nature.  

Marius Beck Dahle: see some of his work with clients like Rolls Royce, BMW, Porsche, Ricco Vero, Ullvang, and many more. LINK

Nordic Location is happy to present a quote including DOP & AC.