Eirik Vaage.


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Eirik Vaage


Welcome to Norway and Nordic Location. My name is Eirik Vaage and I´m a producer based in Ålesund on the west coast. Since I started in the production service industry, some 15+ years ago, I´ve worked with numerous international projects which have enabled me to explore Norway from the south to the arctic north.  

I started my first media production company in 2004. Back then it was all about outdoor activities, extreme sports and adventure programs. In 2008 I got the confidence from a Spanish company to co-produce a feature film in Norway. Since that time, I have mainly line-produced international films and commercials. See some of our previous clients here. 

Nordic Location is a domain/brand owned by Frost media AS, since 2006. In 2017 Nordic Location signed with the global Production Service Network as a partner representing Norway. 

All projects are different, however, no matter the scope, let us present a location brief and see if it works with your storyline and budget. Together we make sure we produce at maximum production value. If Nordic Location is not the right partner for you, we will point you in the right direction and make sure you get the best assistance possible.

Please read more about our production services below. Also, we have put together a lot of useful information about Norway and the norwegian film industry which could be of great interest to you. Read more here.