Location management / production service / line producing.

We offer a complete range of services for all types of projects in every phase,
from budgeting and scouting to wrap. No matter the challenge, our team provides for solid
service with an English-speaking crew, friendly surroundings and helpful, open-minded natives.

Just need a quote from us?

No problem! Please read the paragraph «budgeting». We will quickly put together a quote
for you. If the project develops we can tailor the quote accordingly.


  • Will you sign a FPSA before the production begins?

Yes, Nordic Location will sign a FPSA when the budget quote is agreed upon.

We can send you a copy of our general FPSA document or we can use your FPSA if you prefer that.

  • Scheduling

Our experienced production managers and coordinators can, through close dialog with you, make a schedule of the whole production, as well as managing the crew, locations, transportation, accommodation and more.

  • Do you issue filming permits?

Nordic Location will organize all film permits. Norway is a film friendly region, and you are met with willingness and a can-do attitude from local authorities.

The “freedom to roam” act allows for easy permit processes when filming outdoors. Permits are not required for minimal-impact shoots in public areas and on uncultivated land. Norway does not have a film ordinance, meaning you do not have to register with or provide information to any government entity. However, other permitting processes might be required depending on the impact of the shoot, such as closing off public areas, shooting on privat property, road closures, traffic management and motorized transport on uncultivated land.

To obtain permits we contact the relevant authorities, such as the municipality, port authorities, local land owners, police, road administration, national parks and so forth.

We estimate 1 weeks process time on general permits. Permits for national parks may require in person meetings and up to 4 weeks process time.


Please read more about production on FAQ.


We work with a 10% markup and the budget breakdown is always 100% transparent. Based on the audit, you may very well
get a nice kick-back from the original production budget. The more you can send us to begin with, the faster and better we can
assist you with a quote.

Help us to make a solid quote:

• Number of shooting days + shooting hours
• Cast number of leads, secondaries, feat. extras and extras
• Number of locations and references
• Equipment specs
• Film crew size
• Storyboard, script or treatment
• Stunts or special needs

Taxes and VAT

  • Are there any witholding taxes?

No, Norway does not levy withholding tax on royalties.

  • What is VAT/MVA? Can our production get a refund?

VAT (in Norwegian, MVA) is a tax on goods and services. Film Production Companies are not VAT exempt, but goods and services rendered to a non-Norwegian production can be invoiced without VAT.

If your company has incurred VAT in Norway for a non-Norwegian production, and your company is not registered in the Norwegian VAT register, a refund claim can be filed. The Norwegian Tax Authority has an overview of the process here.

However, this is a lengthy operation. Therefore, Nordic Location will budget the production without the VAT. Nordic Location will pay the 25% VAT on behalf of our client and retrieve it from the Tax Authority about 2 months later.

The AUDIT provided at the end of the production will show all the costs without the VAT. All receipts will be attached to the AUDIT.

Crew hire

  • What can I expect from a Norwegian crew?

Norwegian crews are renowned for high on-set efficiency, have a well-established reputation, and are accustomed to working on international sets. Norwegian crews speak fluent English, as do Norwegians in general.

The majority of crews are engaged as employees, while some are independent contractors. Union rules do not apply to contractors, but in practice they are treated on par with employees.

Norwegian crews are committed, flexible, well organised and highly qualified – also on assistant level. Budget-conscious productions can plan for a smaller crew compared to international standards.

  • What are the working hours and overtime regulations?

The regular Norwegian working day is 7.5 hours, excluding 0.5 hours for lunch. Working hours for a feature film shooting day is often extended to 10 hours: 7,5 normal hours, 0,5 hours for lunch and 2 hours at 50% overtime.

The normal work period goes from 6AM to 9PM when working on location. Working night hours, the time between 9PM and midnight is compensated with 50%, and nighttime between midnight and 6AM is compensated with 100%.

Overtime should be compensated as follows:

3 first hours: + 50%
3 next hours: + 100%
For more than 6 hours of overtime: + 200%
Saturdays the first 10 hours is 50%, and the next hours 200%
Sundays the first 10 hours 100%, and the next hours 200%

The turnaround is 10 hours of rest, but less when compensated 200% overtime.

  • What are the crew rates?

Rates are daily and vary depending on the experience of the crew (depending on 0, 3, 6 and 10 years experience). Fringes are set at 26% if the crew member is employed, and at 20% if the crew member has her/his own company. Crew members that are members of the Norwegian Film Union will receive an additional 2% pension plan on their fringes.

The Norwegian Film Workers Union sets the recommended minimum wage, which varies from approx NOK 1800 / day to NOK 4200 / day depending on role and experience. Please contact us to receive the current rate sheet.

A 2020-comparison by a major production showed that Norwegian crew rates, including fringes and incentives, are significantly lower than for instance UK. But note that this will, of course, fluctuate with currency movements.


Let us get right on it. We provide local casting, especially for feat. extra and extras. Casting leads is primarily done through Oslo based agencies and we work with all of them.


  • What equipment is available locally?

We cooperate with high-end equipment suppliers in Oslo, and will always do our best to meet your needs and to give you the most cost-efficient solutions for your production.

Camera & light: storyline.no
SFX: fiksern.no
Grip: moviebird.no
Sound: soundstory.no

State-of-the-art aerial equipment is available on the west coast: orangeaerial.com

  • How do I get equipment and props into Norway?

You can use an ATA carnet for goods that are only to remain temporarily in Norway. For more information, visit Norwegian Customs.


We will find good solutions that match your budget to provide the crew with food and energy, even if we are in the middle of the woods or on top of a mountain.


Ask us whatever you need to know, and we will use our local knowledge and our research skills to answer your questions as best as we can.