Nordic Location ™ offers a complete range of services for all types of projects in every phase,
from budgeting and scouting to wrap. No matter the challenge, our team provides for solid
service with an English-speaking crew, friendly surroundings and helpful, open-minded natives.

Location scouting

We work with a 10% markup and the budget breakdown is always 100% transparent. Based on the audit, you may very well
get a nice kick-back from the original production budget. The more you can send us to begin with, the faster and better we can
assist you with a quote.

Help us to make a solid quote:

• Number of shooting days + shooting hours
• Cast number of leads, secondaries, feat. extras and extras
• Number of locations and references
• Equipment specs
• Film crew size
• Storyboard, script or treatment
• Stunts or special needs

Nordic Location will sign a FPSA when the budget quote is agreed upon. We can send you a copy of our general FPSA document
or we can use your FPSA if you prefer that.