Our production house offers a complete range of services for all types of projects in every fase, from budgeting and scouting to wrap at location. No matter the challenge, our team provides for solid service with an English-speaking crew, friendly surroundings and helpful, open-minded natives. 

Please read more about our services bellow or contact us for a chat and a quote.

  • equalizer Budgeting

    We work with a 10% markup and the budget breakdown is always 100% transparent. Based on the audit, you may very well get a nice kick-back from the original production budget. 

    The more you can send us to begin with, the faster and better we can assist you with a quote. Please provide us with as many details as possible regarding your project and we will get back with an estimated cost.

    Help us to make a solid quote:

    • Number of shooting days + shooting hours
    • Cast number of leads, secondaries, feat. extras and extras
    • Number of locations and references
    • Equipment specs
    • Film crew size
    • Storyboard, script or treatment
    • Stunts or special needs

  • shopping_basket Craft service

    We will find good solutions that matches your budget to provide the crew with food and energy, even if we are in the midle of the woods or on top of a mountain.

  • perm_identity Crew hire

    Due to our local knowledge and network we can provide your production with manpower of different ranges. A Norwegian crew, whether it’s the guys on the floor or the most professional, is hardworking, engaged, skilled and polite.

  • videocam Equipment

    We cooperate with high-end equipment suppliers in Oslo, and will always do our best to meet your needs and to give you the most cost-efficient solutions for your production.

  • my_location Location scouting

    We will help you find the locations that meet your visions, whether it’s a location you already know exist or something of the nordic flavor you imagine. After you decided where to shoot, we will organize the permits required. Don’t hesitate to ask us to present ideas/pics/concepts for your next project.

  • schedule Management & scheduling

    Our experienced production managers and coordinators can, through close dialog with you, make a schedule of the whole production, as well as managing the crew, locations, transportation, accommodation and more.

  • search Research

    Ask us whatever you need to know, and we will use our local knowledge and our research skills to answer your questions as best as we can.