Oslo City Center

Oslo is located in eastern Norway. With it’s 660 000 residents, it is the capital and the most populous city in Norway.

Oslo offers a diversity of locations: Very diverse city architecture, a varying selection of cafés, bars and pubs, exiting music scenes, city districts with a large number of parks and green areas, as well beautiful lakes and a huge area of Norwegian forest popular for hiking, biking and skiing right outside of the city.

In Oslo you will find several famous land marks, such as the Opera House, Oslo Barcode, Nobel Peace Price Center, Holmenkollen, a ski recreation area with a large ski jumping hill, The Royal Palace, The Viking Ship Museum, The Akershus Fortress, The Vigeland Sculpture Park, a big selection of churches and Aker Brygge, a modern and urban district by the Oslo fjord.

Because of the city’s northern latitude, daylight varies greatly, from more than 18 hours in midsummer, when it never gets completely dark at night (no darker than nautical twilight), to around 6 hours in midwinter.

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