Location Live

We present a new way to discover locations.

How much time and money do you spend by traveling on scouts to potential locations? We bring you the locations live to your office.

Why this is a good idea? Well, consider this example; you have booked Nordic Location to pre-scout. From the pre-scout you liked 10 locations, but only two of them will be used. Normally you would go to the locations together with us, but you are calculating the cost of travel, accommodation, dinners and time spent. It’s costly, and you don’t have a lot of time. So instead you choose to be productive in your office while at the same time, be present on the locations together with us. And yes, a whole lot of money saved!

When you know for sure which locations you want, we are ready to bring you on a successful recce.

How does it work?

1. We begin with scheduling all the locations you want to see.

2. We set a date and the team from Nordic Location head out to the locations. We bring our live-equipment and camera.

3. You gather all your key personell in a meeting room. If someone is not present, you can share the link to our Location Live Platform with them, and they can watch together with you from wherever in the world with internet connection.

4. When we are live on location, we will call you up so you can communicate with us and give us instructions.

5. After we are done, we will share a recorded version of each location, just in case you need to see them again.